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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Haute Rebel

Sinful Colors' newest collection is called Haute Rebel and it is beautiful! So I clearly love nail polish and it is no secret that one of my favorite brands is the Sinful Colors line. You can find it and any Walgreen's location. If you like colors that have a grey undertone, then this is the collection for you! A while back, sometime before the holiday madness started, I was at Walgreen's perusing the nail polish section as I often do, and I came across this smoky blue grey shade and I had to have it! It was Sinful Colors Rain Storm. I put it on immediately after I got home and I loved it so much that I had to go back and buy two more bottles because this was a color that two of my fellow nail polish junkies at work needed to have! The formula is amazing! Two coats was perfect and it has a perfect creme finish! Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it while I was wearing it, but I do have a picture of the polish in the bottle to show you. The next time I wear it, I will take a picture to add this blog. 
My flash makes it look a lot brighter than it actually is. It is a much more muted or toned down blue.
Skip ahead to a few days ago. I was at my local Walgreen's and I saw that Sinful Colors had actually released an entire line of these grey under-toned colors. I was looking at all of them and fell in love with them all. I decided to only buy one shade at the time and I settled on Beau Khaki. It is a gorgeous green, and I don't have a green like this one in my collection. I put in on and I was not disappointed! I applied two coats, but honestly one would have been enough. The best way to describe the shade of green, is that it is sort of a deep sage color or maybe a light army green color. And it also had that same perfect creme finish that Rain Storm had. 

Once again the flash brightened it up a little. The way it is showing here is almost right, but still just a little too bright.
Normally I will only get one or two colors from any given collection, because buying a whole collection can get pricey, but I loved these two shades so much, that I will definitely be purchasing the entire collection! At $1.99 a bottle, it's a total steal! And the quality is amazing! The entire collection consists of 8 shades: Rain Storm, Beau Khaki,  Cool Grey, Inkwell, Mesmerize, Mauve, Ardoise and Smokin. I cannot wait to add these to my ever growing nail polish collection and as soon as I do I will add pictures of them to this blog or I will write a separate review on them!     

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