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Monday, March 12, 2012

Shimmery Goodness

Nail Polishes give me the shimmery goodness that I love! If you like nail polish colors that have a shimmery glitter in them, then I have two that you will want to add to your collection! The first one is Sinful Colors Cinderella. It is a really pretty baby blue color, the color of Cinderella's blue gown actually. It has this gorgeous iridescent glitter in it. The glitter is not over powering, it is very subtle, but it just gives this color the little pop that it craves. The only issue I have with it, is that it applies really sheer. If you want it to be opaque you might need to apply three or four coats. I really hate applying four coats, but the color you get makes it worth it. The nice thing about it being sheer though is that you can always apply it over another blue shade or another color if you like, to add a little shimmer to a polish that doesn't have it.
Sinful Colors Cinderella

The second color is Wet N' Wild's Fast Dry in Teal of Fortune. It is so so so pretty! When I saw it I had to get it because I really don't have anything like it in my nail polish collection. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed! When you look at it in the bottle, it is a gorgeous teal color! When you turn the bottle and let the light hit it, that's when the magic happens! All of sudden you see green shimmer, then gold shimmer, then silver shimmer. It is so pretty! All of those shimmery specks combined with the teal remind me of the ocean almost. It also applies sheer and I needed three coats to get it to look like it does in the bottle. Trust me when I say, taking the extra time to add that third coat is so completely well worth it! 
Wet N' Wild Teal of Fortune

As always I applied Sally Hansen's Insta Dry in Clearly Quick as my top coat. I really love this as a top coat because I love its glossy finish and it dries so fast! Anyway, overall, I love the colors of these two polishes! For $1.99 each you can't really complain! Also, for $1.99, they are really great quality polishes. They lasted a week without chipping! With the job that I do, I can't say there are many polishes that hold up like that, I'm almost always touching up my manicure when I get home from work. 

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