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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Nails

It is Easter, and that means Easter Nails! I always like to do something fun on my nails for a holiday! Eh who am I kidding? I love to do something fun on my nails anytime lol! So while I was deciding on what to do, I remembered seeing this tutorial on YouTube by My Simple Little Pleasures for a Green Mosaic French Tip design. If you are a lover of water marble designs, you definitely need to check out her videos! I have yet to master this technique, but she always manages to make it look so easy and so amazing every time! Every once in a while she throws in something else, like her Green Mosaic French Tip Tutorial, which inspired my Easter design this year. Keep in mind this is inspired, not identical. I was going for a triangular mosaic look, that kind of reminds me of an egg shell. If you would like to try this look keep reading to find out how I did it! It is a little time consuming, but super easy, and you don't need any fancy nail tools, just some tape and some time to kill!

1. Start by applying a base coat. This will help prevent the nail polish from staining your nails. I like to use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthener, but you can use any base coat of your choosing.

Base Coat
2. Apply your base color. For this I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal. I chose Gunmetal because I knew I wanted a dark gray base, but I liked that this one has a shimmer to it! The colors I used on top of it all have a sort of satin or glossy finish, so I wanted a little sparkle for the base! It very important to make sure that whatever base color you use dries completely before moving onto the next steps, otherwise you are going to tear up that base color! Whenever I need to do that, I usually apply the base color the night before and then finish the design the next day.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal

3. Cut your tape into strips, any thickness you want. Just remember to keep them narrow enough to fit your nail, since everyone has a different size nail bed and different length nail. Cut them to fit your nail. They won't be even, but that is ok. That is one of the great things about this type of design, no two nails will be exactly the same!

Cut the Tape

4. Apply the tape for the design you want to create. I used three pieces on each nail. I applied each piece on a diagonal to form a zigzag. The biggest tip I have for this, do one hand at a time. If you try to the apply tape to both hands, it can be difficult painting your nails. Also, trying to apply tape to the other hand isn't always easy when you have tape already on one set of nails.

Create your Design

5. Apply your colors or color, depending on what look you are going for. Apply the color to the areas that aren't covered by the tape. And for this, I would work one nail at a time because you don't want the nail polish to dry before pulling off the tape. While the polish is still wet, remove the tape. This will ensure that the tape doesn't pull off any your design with it! Applying the colors can be a little messy, but no worries. It's nothing a little nail polish remover or acetone and a q-tip can't clean up! For my design, I wanted to go for a monochromatic ombre look with purples. The color closest to my cuticle is Sinful Colors Mauve, the next one up is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac, the next one up is Sinful Colors Rose Dust, and the tip color is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lively Lilac.

Apply the color

6. Let those colors dry a little bit before applying a top coat. If you don't then the colors might streak a little on you as you brush on the top coat. This is when I like to clean up any colors on my cuticles or around my nail beds. It doesn't take very long, but it is usually enough time to let the design dry a little bit.

Clean Up with an Acetone

7. Apply a top coat to lock in the design and give you a manicure that will last all week, depending on how hard you are on your nails that is. I wear gloves at work and wash my hands a lot because of what I do, so mine usually last for 4-5 days. I like to use a fast drying top coat. I have been loving Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat. Works like a charm every time!

Top Coat

And voila!! Finished!

Mosaic Ombre Manicure

If you like this look or recreate it, I would love to see your designs! You can share them on my Facebook page or in the comments below! Happy Nail Designing!


  1. When do you remove the tape? Before or after they dry?

    1. You want to remove that tape before the polish dries!