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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Is In the Air

Spring is in the air! Well, maybe not so much. It is only February after all. How do I help myself beat the winter blues? With nail polish of course! I've never been a stickler for beauty rules, and by that I mean I almost never follow the color rules. You know dark colors in the winter, jeweled tones and dark colors for fall, light and pastel for spring, and as bright as you can get for the summer. I just wear what I want when I want because it makes me happy! As much as I love the winter, February hits and I start to find it dreary. It's a total downer and I like to think that I am a generally upbeat person. Since I have to wear a uniform to work, there isn't much I can do to boost my mood in the wardrobe department, but I can paint my nails for that little bit of color I crave. So when I start to feel those winter blues, the dark polishes get shelved and the fun colors come out! It's proven that bright or pastel colors almost always lift your mood. Around this time of year I like to remind myself that spring is just around the corner. Two colors that are perfect for that are Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac. They are beautiful! The Mint Sorbet is this really pretty mint green color, almost a sea foam green, but a little brighter. The Lacey Lilac, is this gorgeous pastel purple. They kind of remind me of Easter eggs.They have a creme finish and you will probably need two coats, well I did at least. As a top coat I like to use Sally Hansen's Insta Dry in Clearly Quick to give it the glossy effect that I love! Here are pictures of what each one looks like!

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Swatch

Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac Swatch
See I told you they look like Easter egg colors! Easter eggs are perfect little reminders that spring is here and summer is not too far behind! Now if these colors aren't enough to boost your mood and you just need something more, go for a really bright summer color, like a hot pink or an orange, maybe even a yellow, if you're brave enough! Trust me it works!! :) Happy painting!

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