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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bulu Box Unboxing May 2015

Today I have a Bulu Box unboxing to share. I got a great deal on the Bulu Box and wanted to share it with everyone! The first box I received was the May 2015 weight loss box. They do have a regular box that is geared towards health and fitness, while the one I got is geared primarily towards weight loss. You have the option to switch between the two boxes at any time just by logging into your Bulu Box account online. This is a monthly subscription box and it costs $10.00 per month. The only reason I signed up for it, is because I found a great deal on Groupon. I was able to get three months for the price of one. I do feel that three boxes is plenty to figure out if you like the subscription and want to continue it or cancel it, which is why I thought this was such a great deal! You also have the option to cancel the box at any time. If you really like something in the box, then you can go to the Bulu website to purchase the full size product. At this point, I am kind of on the fence with this box, I think I may switch to the regular Bulu Box to see if I like it better. After I get my third box, I will let everyone know if I like it and plan to continue you my subscription! To learn more about this subscription box, check out the Bulu Box website for more information. Happy Saturday everyone! 

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