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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mani Monday: Sinful Colors Beaches And Cream

It is Mani Monday; and this week is another basic polish change using Sinful Colors Beaches And Cream. This is a limited edition color, that was released last summer and re-released this summer. I saw it last summer and really wanted it, but never got around to purchasing it before it disappeared off the shelves. So, when it was a sale a while back and I saw it, I decided to just get it along with a bunch of other shades that you can see in a haul video here. I love the color, but I am not a huge fan of the formula. It goes on streaky, making it a little tricky to work with and it took three coats to make it opaque. I don't mind the three coats, but streaky is a little annoying. I love Sinful Colors! The formula is almost always perfect, but every once is a great great while, you get a dud. It's a shame too, because the color is an almost perfect neutral. It isn't totally white and has the perfect amount of yellow undertone in it, making it a really nice warm neutral. It is a creme finish, which I like, but it isn't a true creme. When you see it in the bottle, you don't see the yellow as much. It looks more cream colored and it has a slight pink shimmer. Creme finishes, don't have any shimmer. However, once you paint this on your nails, you see the yellow more and that slight pink shimmer is barely noticeable, in fact you can't even see it in the picture below, which is why I would say it is more of a creme finish. I do think Beaches And Cream will be a good neutral base for nail art, which is always a plus if you like nail art! You can never have too many neutral bases! That's it for this Mani Monday review! I hope everyone has a happy Monday and happy painting everyone!

This is actually how it looks in the
bottle, you can see the slight pink
shimmer down the center of the
bottle that the flash picks up.
Sinful Colors Beaches And Cream

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