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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mani Monday: Opalescent Topper

It is Mani Monday and this paint job has an opalescent topper to finish it off! This is actually the mani I did last week, I never got a chance to post this. I gave my nails a rest this week, which I think is good to do once in a while. Your nails need to breathe too you know! Anyway on to the mani! Can you guess what polish I am using? It probably may come as a shock that it is Sinful Colors lol! I love this polish! This really is a basic polish change, with a twist. I wanted to try one of the new polishes I got. So I painted Sinful Colors Calypso on my nails. It is a beautiful, dark blue green polish with a creme finish; and it is part of their permanent line. And guys Calypso is a one coater, which makes it even better! I loved it on it's own, but I was really itching to try the opalescent toppers I had also bought. I was going to use the green one,but then changed my mind and decided to use the purple one and it turned out perfectly! It is a sheer, shimmery purple topper called Flight To See. It was released this year as part of the 2015 Sinful Colors Spring Collection and it was a new release. It was, however, limited edition, but I am sure it will pop up again in another collection, which is pretty normal for Sinful Colors. Anyway, on it's own Flight To See is a really pretty shimmery purple with a silver flux. When paired with Calypso, it turns into this very deep jewel tones purple, that has beautiful metallic looking finish! It stays dark around the edges of the nail and as your eye moves toward the middle of the nail, the light picks up the silver flux and make this purple pop! I am a fan! I can't wait to try out the green opalescent topper that I got too! So keep your eyes out for a post about that soon. Happy Monday and happy painting everyone!  

Sinful Colors Calypso
Sinful Colors Flight To See
over Calypso with flash
Sinful Colors Flight To See
over Calypso without flash

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